We provide therapies and readings through the miracles of modern technology – straight to your own home.

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Krys & Jass Godly are Spooky School and Spooky Studies and are also Better Health Choice. Krys & Jass are international broadcasters of their own weekly radio show, Spooky School – which was aired each Friday at 8pm to 10pm UK time, which was 3pm to 5pm Pacific Standard Time. Facebook page for Spooky School. To listen to Spooky School – they are now revising this format and will be bringing you a new and different show in 2017

Check out our website further for details of the goods and services we sell. including: Our book, ‘Simply Reincarnation’ now also knows as ‘Reincarnation Plain and Simple’ and Krys’ guided meditation CD ‘Journey to Awakening’

You can also find us on facebook at Krys and Jass Godly

As well as the therapies and readings we offer which include:


Our Psychic, Mediumistic and Tarot readings are priced by the amount of time we spend with you. Pyschic and/ or Tarot readings start at £58 for 30 mins, £70 for 45 mins or £90 for an hour. Our Mediumship readings start at £70 for 45 mins or £90 for an hour. You can of course have ‘a bit of both!’ which is the most common request, that would start at £58 for 30 mins, but we would recommend if you do want some psychic information (about you, what’s going on in your life, what’s behind you, what’s around you now and how those threads go forward into the future) and some Mediumship (communication with your loved ones who have passed to the higher side of life) then you would get the most of either a 45 minute reading or an hour.

and a numerology reading which is done from your name and date of birth and is posted out to you on parchment!

A 3 card written Romany spread tarot card reading – for only £20.

Our readings are done for you via Skype or by telephone, so you don’t need to physically be with us in the room to have a reading from us! Obviously with the Numerology Reading, Jass only needs your name and date of birth, you don’t need to be with her for this. Cost is only £54 including postage within the UK, postage outside the UK will be slightly more.


Classical Kinesiology;
Past Life Regression;
Clearing Geopathic Stress.

Again, for Kinesiology, Past Life Regression, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Chakra Balancing & clearing Geopathic Stress (and clearing unwanted spirit energy), you don’t need to physically be present in a room with us, they all work for you from a distance. Contact us to discuss the choices.

Workshops and Courses:

Intuitive Tarot Workshop

Reiki I,  II and Masters Attunements.

Personal Development: Know Yourself, Empower Yourself  Weekend.

Physical Mediumship Circle.

Online Meditations

Online psychic & mediumistic development courses

Online multimedia Numerology courses