Circles and Workshops


Exciting News!

Krys & Jass have created a new way to help you in your own environment, at your own leisure and in your own way.

We’ll provide you with help, support and coaching with direct access to us.

And all the tools you need.

Watch this space and Spooky School as well as Krys and Jass Godly on Facebook for more information as it’s released. Come and be part of SpookySchoolSanctuary if you are serious about learning in a fun environment! We want you, if you want us!

Krys & Jass are both Reiki Masters and run regular Reiki Attunement Days for those of you wishing to connect to this lovely universal healing energy

All of these workshops and courses will be available in SpookySchoolSanctuary.

We have over 14 years experience of delivering them:

Psychic Development

Suitable for beginners and experienced psychics alike.

Mediumistic Development:

Suitable for beginners and experienced mediums alike.

Dowsing & clearing Geopathic Stree and Spirit Energy

Suitable for people used to working with psychic energy.

Working with Tarot. 

Suitable for beginners to working readers.

Know Yourself & Empower Yourself.

Personal development which has had profound and long-lasting positive experiences for previous attendees.

Physical Mediumship:  

Getting physical signs from Spirit.

Exploring Past Lives: 

Our previous lifetimes can affect us in this lifetime… want to know more?

Healing Hands & Hearts:

Learn to distance heal in the unique way Krys does. A new course is opening very soon. The ‘Early Bird’ offer is open RIGHT NOW:

Early Bird

Reiki I / II and Master/Teacher Attunments:

Speak directly to Krys for details.

This is for those of you who wish to begin to work with the wonderful healing energy of Reiki (pronounced Rey Key). You will be attuned to this energy and learn to channel this wonderfully gentle universal healing energy. You’ll spend two days relaxing and meditating whilst being attuned and in this relaxing environment will learn the basics of Reiki.



Krys or Jass Godly
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