Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress has been shown in some cases to adversely affect your health and mental wellbeing.

Geopathic Stress is when the earth’s vibration rising is distorted by water, minerals, fault and ley lines,mine workings and caves. This can happen by natural means or man made problems. If you live in an area which has landslips, mine workings, blasting or rivers you may be adversely affected by Geopathic Stress.

We also use the terms to encompasses Electro Magnetic Stress which is caused by electricity sub-stations, pylons and masts and our own environmental electrical appliances bombarding us with their energy.

The medical profession was satisfied of the existence of Geopathic Stress more than 80 years ago and accepts that Geopathic Stress can be very detrimental to health.

When we improve the energy of your home we use a variety of techniques and remedies to alter this earth vibration to a more positive one for you and your family.

If there is an issue with Spirit energy or residual energy from Spirit, we could also remedy this at the same time.

So – how would you know if you were affected by Geopathic Stress?

Your environment:
You may notice some or all of the following in your garden, house or surrounding area
Ants; wasps or oddly-shaped trees

Geopathic Stress may be a factor in
ME; Chronic Fatigue; Sleep Disorders; Cancer; Food Intolerances; Asthma: PMS; Fertility; Long-term stress or depression; Frequent Illness; Difficulty recovering from Illness; Dry Skin, Throat or Eyes; Learning Difficulties in Children; Tension within the household.

Questions you may like to ask yourself when you’re deciding whether or not this affects you:

  • Did these problems begin after moving house?
  • Do I feel better away from home?
  • Do I sleep better away from home?
  • Did the previous occupiers of this house have similar problems?
  • Are there underground mineworkings, caves or water in the area?
  • Does my home feel unnaturally damp, cold or have an uneasy atmosphere?

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