Numerology is the study of numbers, they reflect aptitudes & character tendencies & life opportunities, as an integral part of the cosmic plan.

Your Personal Numerology Analysis can show you what your Life Path is, what your Expression, strengths and challenges are and what your Soul Purpose is for this lifetime.

Many people have found that their Numerology has helped them find renewed purpose and direction in their life. Having an understanding of some of the challenges you face and how you can best overcome these can make your life easier. Having a clearer view of yourself and your numerological blueprint for this lifetime really can give you a new perspective.

Please provide your full name and date of birth. Your investment for this is £47.   

Your Numerology Analysis will generally be completed within 2 weeks and will be emailed or messaged to you

Testimonial from S.J.G:
“Looking for an unusual present for someone else or fancy a treat for yourself? Then you would do well to get a Numerology Reading. I am amazed at how accurate mine is. A really useful self-development tool. My partner has had hers done too and is also chuffed to bits.”

Numerology Analysis for 1 person looking at two possible names

You might use this if you are considering changing your name, either through marriage or indeed through divorce.  But of course you may change your name if you are trans or if you just don’t like the name you already have!

An example of this might be Ann Elizabeth Smith or Ann Elizabeth Brookbank and what different energies those names bring and are lacking in. Or John Jones to Julie Jones – in this circumstance you may wish to bring a different energy to yourself with your name or perhaps fill a need in you.

The analysis will include your life path analysis and for each name your Expression, Inner Strength and Soul Purpose. And a summary of each name of how everything works together, so you can be fully informed.

Your investment for this is £82.25 or if you are a Spooky School Sanctuary member £65.80 (20% discount applied)

Your Numerology Analysis will generally be completed within 2 weeks and will be emailed or messaged to you

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Numerology Analysis for 2 or more people

You each received a full personal Numerology Analysis as well as a joint compatibility report. This shows where you complement, support and challenge each other.

This can be for any 2 people who have a relationship of any kind. For example, a couple, a parent and child, siblings or even work relationships. It can even help you make the most of your team members by better understanding their qualities and motivations. Please give the nature of the relationship along with the details for each person. Your investment for this is £90.

Your Numerology Analysis will generally be completed within 2 weeks and will be emailed or messaged to you

Testimonial Here’s what Susan had to say:
“Thank you! Now I understand my son!”


Numerology Professional Certificated Course started Thursday 24th May 2018 at 7.30pm UK Time

Lead by Krys Godly (Celebrity Psychic, Medium, Hypnotherapist & Mentor) and Jass Godly (Celebrity Psychic, Medium, Numerologist & Mentor).
Please Note: This course is delivered in a private Facebook group only.

This 10 week online course includes:
One live lesson per week. Ongoing Guidance and Advice.
All course materials are provided.
30 min 1-2-1 Coaching Call
Certificate of Successful Completion

Learn to be a Professional Numerologist

On completion of the course, you will be able to create personal Numerology Analysis Reports for individuals.
You will be able to give advice on the use of name variations, such as shortened names, nicknames and initials.
You will be able to help couples and families and families understand each other better and relate to each other more easily.
You will be able to create unique gifts, such as new baby gifts with an analysis of their name and date of birth.
Or the name someone might wish to choose on marriage or indeed, on divorce.

There are a wealth of uses for numerology, especially how to make the best of any situation.

You will be able to perform Business Numerology Consultations providing advice on such things as the best dates to launch a new business, the best day to bring in a new aspect, the best day to begin something extra,
Work out the Best Business Name to use & which combination of name would be most auspicious on a business card.

To Enrol, please message Krys or Jass Godly or Spooky School.

Or pay on the link below!

Full price £110 or for Spooky School Sanctuary Members £88 (20% discount)
Upgrade from Basic Numerology Course:
£83 or for Spooky School Sanctuary Members £66.40 (20% discount)


Numerology Course