Past Life Regression

“Krys, I want to thank you for your patience with me.  I was nervous and you knew it of course.  I want to do this again sometime and this time I will know what to expect so hoping will be easier for you.  You were so understanding.  I was totally amazed at what I learned.  I feel so much better knowing what I know now. You have changed my life for the better!  I do not know what I would do without you!  I have learned so much!”  Diane F. (U. S. A.)

“Thank you so much for the Past Life Regression. I have a much greater understanding of my life and of my thought process. In my past I would have never believed in readings or in PLR, I’m the “seeing is Believing” type of guy.. I have had both readings and a PLR from Krys and Jass and Y’all have made a TRUE believer out of me. Y’all are truly amazing at what you do. I highly recommend anyone that has not tried one of your services to do so..We will do not know what your missing and how much better you will feel!!” Moose, Texas

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